Arts on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is alive with the arts. Visual arts, performing arts, writers, musicians. The Sunshine Coast is home to some of the best artists in the country! We are a thriving arts culture and we want to share it with you.

The Arts Industry on The Sunshine Coast is extensive and diverse, and Arts Connect Inc take pride in playing a key role in supporting artists and creating opportunities. The committee realise we are just one link in a network of vibrant and active arts organisations who are passionate about the promotion and development of arts in the region. Read about those we work with to support artists and deliver creative opportunities as well and promote the region as an major arts destination.

Sunshine Coast Council

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council is a strong support of the arts in our region. Read more here about the ways in which the SCC assist artists.

The Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance (SCCA) was established in 2008 as a not-for-profit, arts advocacy organisation, governed by a member-elected volunteer Board. The SCCA connects the dots between creative thinkers, businesses, places, supporters, target markets, audiences and key stakeholders through advocacy, networking and partnerships.
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Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2018-2038
Council endorsed the region’s first ever arts plan at the August 2018 Ordinary Meeting. Through the plan, council will aim to grow, strengthen and seek opportunities to develop and showcase the local arts sector.
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Arts Advisory Board
The Board is now in its second term of operation. Its first anniversary (two year term – the Board held its inaugural meeting in August 2016) culminated in the completion of two major pieces of work…
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Sunshine Coast Council
Grants and Funding

The Sunshine Coast Council is a generous supporter of the arts and community. In addition to the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance, Sunshine Coast Arts Plan and Art Advisory Board mentioned above, the council makes funds available each year to help with the ongoing development of community and business opportunities across the Coast.

Find out about the Council’s Grants and funding opportunities here.

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. RADF funds are aimed at the development of emerging and established artists, creative practitioners and producers. RADF funding is awarded to projects that align with the Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2018 – 2038, which provides a 20 year vision for the region, placing artists at its core.

Applications can be submitted all year round. There are three rounds, closing 1st March, 1st July and 1st November. For full information, including information about Funding Categories, click here.

Gratitude for Grants Awarded to Arts Connect Inc

Over the years Arts Connect Inc has applied to and been awarded several different grants that have been instrumental in the ongoing growth and development of our organisation, helping to grow the arts in the region.

Ongoing support through the Community Development grant assists with the operational demands of our organisation.

Cultural Partnership Funding in 2020 has made it possible to launch the exciting Open Studios Sunshine Coast program. Our revamped Open Studios Sunshine Coast program was to be launched May/June 2020, but restrictions bought about by COVID19 have pushed the event to March 2021. Without the help and support of the Sunshine Coast Council, this program would not be possible.

Our Sculpture on the Edge program would not have been possible without the support of (former) Councillor Jenny McKay. Jenny was a great support of the arts, and awarded Arts Connect Inc a discretionary grant to assist with the marketing of Sculpture On The Edge 2019.

Caloundra Regional Gallery
Caloundra Regional Gallery
Sunshine Coast Art Collection

The Sunshine Coast’s Caloundra Regional Gallery presents a changing exhibition program featuring leading local and national artists. Professional curators and education staff develop and deliver a range of exhibitions and public programs exploring the unique culture and character of the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast Art Collection is a growing collection of artworks developed to encourage enjoyment and awareness of the visual arts, contributing to the cultural development and engagement of the community and visitors to the Sunshine Coast. The council is developing an enduring cultural asset that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

The Gallery also runs a series of outstanding Art Prizes throughout the year.

Below are four of the Art Prizes offered through the Caloundra Regional Gallery:

Sunshine Coast Arts Prize – The Sunshine Coast Art Prize is open to any Australian resident working within any two dimensional (2D) medium

Local Artists – Local Content Art Prize – The Caloundra Friends of the Gallery showcasing local artists and the Sunshine Coast region

Local Content Student Award – The Caloundra Friends of the Gallery showcasing local student artists and the Sunshine Coast region

The Holmes Art Prize – The Holmes Art Prize is an initiative of Dr Gary Holmes, a private collector of realistic Australian bird art

The Sunshine Coast Art Gallery Trail

The Sunshine Coast region has long had a reputation for fine art. The wealth of exceptional artists gives rise to many great private  galleries providing for a range of tastes and budgets, but always quality. The region is also home to many public galleries which also allow viewing of fine art from the region and beyond. Artist studios and artisan galleries complement the great galleries of the Sunshine Coast. There are also many exhibitions and events associated the visual arts of the Sunshine Coast.

Private Galleries on the Sunshine Coast
Public Galleries on the Sunshine Coast
Artisan Galleries on the Sunshine Coast

What’s Happening on the Coast?

Exhibitions, Workshops, Open Studios … there is always something happening in the Arts on the Sunshine Coast. Have a look at our Events Calendar.