Ceramics, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Pastels, Sculpture

Maree Austin is a skilled ceramicist and painter. She is drawn to abstraction in both mediums and takes particular inspiration from the forms and curves found in nature, as well as her internal, emotional landscape. Working from her large bush block in the Sunshine Coast hinterland she absorbs herself in the process of art making.
Spontaneous marks and intuitive use of colour, line and form are hallmarks of Maree’s practice.


Maree loves to experiment and incorporates multiple mediums in her work. One of her most ambitious works is a hanging sculpture, ‘Luminous’ which includes 290 pieces of handmade porcelain sewn into a backlit piece of fabric. She also combines mosaics in her ceramics and works with
collage and mixed media in her paintings. Through this exploration of process, she has created a unique language.


Hunchy Road
Hunchy, QLD

Phone: +61438066422

More About Me

To Maree the making is just as important as the finished work. Creating provides her with access to a freedom of spirit and mind and is essential respite from her other work caring for someone with a debilitating mental health condition.
Maree has an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts and was fortunate to learn from well known local ceramic artists including Rowley Drysdale, Andrew Bryant and Jackie Gasson. She has been exhibiting in group and solo exhibitions since her graduation in 2018 and has also won several awards including Siliceous Award for ceramic excellence (Ceramics Arts Queensland) and the CQ University Exhibition Space Award.