My interest in art began at the age of five when I would copy the works of artists as varied as da Vinci, Toulous-Lautrec, Rodin and Lindsay. Coming from a medical family, my autodidactic studies of human anatomy over the years has helped to inform my keen interest in the human figure as a major focus in my art, especially the torso.

My major influences are the artists and scientists of the nineteenth century. They, like the great names of the renaissance, proved that being multi-disciplinary is the path to the understanding and mastery of any practice, showing through example that art, philosophy and science can enrich one’s practice more in combination than each could in isolation.


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More About Me

I believe my work has originality in concept and technique, the natural world and natural science exerting an ever stronger influence on me. I simultaneously allow time for development and experimentation in my approach, which I find very beneficial to the progress of my work. As a result, my work has evolved to explore timeless universal themes of the human condition through carefully considered philosophy, symbolism and myth. I tell these stories within the context of beauty- an important, self imposed ‘limitation’ intrinsic to all my work. I use drawing as a finished medium, adopting composition and techniques that hybridise sculptural and painting influences. I work from both live models and self-directed photographs, my compositions being sculptural in style to retain the focus on form. I have been lucky enough in the past few years to have met some established artists whom I regard as mentors. They have, through their guidance and generosity of spirit, helped me to evolve my current approach to my artistic practice, a journey I see as a life-long pursuit.