Drawing, Pastels

Hello! My name is Patti Henderson and I live in the beautiful Hinterland area of the Sunshine Coast.
I am a self-taught artist with a passion for exploring different ways to express emotions through my artwork.

Having concentrated on realistic portraiture for some time, I am now having fun with a more intuitive approach, using different media and no defined outcome. Some very interesting results!


Acrylic inks, graphite pencil, colour pencils, charcoal, collage. acrylics.


17 Bedford Circuit
Coes Creek, Queensland

Phone: +61438704152

More About Me

I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember. Although I have had no formal art training, I feel that I have been studying art in some form all my life.

Whether it was sewing and crocheting for my family, learning to spin and weave, screen-printing or drawing, my life has always revolved around the desire to create something unique and special.

And I love it! I get lost in the creative process. At some stage in every piece I can feel the spirit of the subject as it starts to gently express itself.. Magic!

I have explored realistic portraiture for some time and have done many commissioned portraits of people and pets.

My present focus is on depicting emotion though the use of contrast, fluid line work and abstract effects, using water colours, acrylic inks and mixed media.

I know that I can make the world a better place with my art by bringing joy and happiness into the lives of others.

I will be pursuing my art… in all its diverse forms…… always.