Colourful, Inspired and Highly Detailed
Artistic, designer jewellery and intricate vessels


Polymer clay and mixed media


Phone: 0426 811 244


Open Studios Sunshine Coast

More About Me

I think ink runs through my veins. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed the process of printing in one form or another – be it potato printing, commercial printing and graphic design, or hand-printing printmaking pieces of artwork.

I spent 30 years working in graphic design, advertising and marketing. One of my favourite things to do during that time was the press checks for new print material. The sound of the machines clicking and clacking as they worked. The smell of ink on the presses. The vibration through the floor as the machines did their thing.

I loved print. But I yearned for a slower and hands-on approach to printing. Throughout my commercial career I dipped by big toe back into the world of printmaking fine art, but never really afforded myself the time to focus on it, and develop my skills.

I moved to Maleny from Brisbane in 2009, and there began the realisation of a dream and two of my passions – printmaking and teaching.