Strong creative elements in the use of recycled, found materials still remain a central focus of Carol Weirs sculptural work. Exploring relationships and the bonds forged between animals, particularly horses and humans and how this impacts on the shared environment. Mainly using the horse as her muse, recalling childhood memories of the beauty, energy and a contained- wildness – that she still works to capture in both paintings and sculpture.


Working in different media – allows for a crossover of ideas and techniques, one feeding of the other. Walking and observing nature and surrounding herself with the treasures found for ongoing inspiration. When painting Carol uses generally a mixed media of oils, pastels and collage although always open to experimentation. Her fingers are the main tool working straight from the tube, puddling the paint and then refining – this allows for a more immediate effect rather than overworking as she tends to do.


Phone: 0400 769 245

Open Studios Sunshine Coast

More About Me

Although studying Fine Art in the 70’s, extensive travels worldwide brought Carol into contact with many inspirational artists work and from there her passion for creating sculptures came to the fore. Previously exhibiting work in the UK, America and Germany, Carol now resides in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast exhibiting work locally. Winning awards for sculpture as well as undertaking commissions, Carol is now exploring the expanded possibilities of ceramic sculpture. Alongside a series of oil paintings based on gypsy horses.