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More About Me


My work would probably be described as intuitive art. Like many visual artists, I begin each painting by touching and feeling the gessoed surface with my two hands, then I make marks and start layering colours. Eventually the process of painting comes to adding information and then subtracting some and finally, simplifying. Less is more!

What I like most is to scratch and scrape the surface with my palette knife or screwdriver to reveal the underlying colours, like an archaeologist in a dig. These marks add depth, richness, interest and texture.

I was a devoted batik and textile artist for many years before starting to paint in 2014 and many a time I still find myself looking for ways of applying batik techniques to my paintings by masking and reserving certain areas with tape.

Originally from Israel, I grew up in the Belgian Congo and Brazil. I came to Australia in 1972 where I completed a BA followed by a Dip Ed in Modern Languages at Monash University. After many years teaching and working as a translator I can now devote a lot of my time to my art, which, no doubt, is influenced by my heritage and my surroundings.

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