The inspiration for Lorna’s work comes from the prominent themes in her life experience and observations – alienation, belonging and connection are the feelings she is exploring. The aim of her work is to evoke an emotional response that connects people to the work, themselves and the experience of others. Her hope is that the brush strokes, mark marking and colours chosen reflect the themes of our lives. Her work is intuitive and begins in play, growing slowly as she responds to what emerges and brings the painting to a place where she feels her voice is expressed.


Acrylic and Mixed Media


Phone: 0412 792 471

More About Me

Lorna is a self-taught abstract artist working in acrylic and mixed media. Her work is inspired by her history and she explores this using a variety of tools and techniques, brushes, layers, marks, sanding and scraping. She starts intuitively becoming more analytical towards the finish of the work, but allows play to keep it fresh.

She is interested in making works that invite the participation of the viewer and facilitate a co-created meaning and connection between viewer and artist.