Mixed Media, Painting

I’m a French lady living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

I paint contemporary artworks, commissioned rockstars portraits and customise old guitars and skateboards.

I’m a music and movies addict and in love with anything creative in general. I believe art is a way to express ourselves but also to communicate with the world.

Thank you for having a look at my art, I hope you will enjoy and feel free to contact me!


Acrylic, spray paint, stencils, posca pens


More About Me

I was born in New Caledonia, my family moved back to France when I was a teenager and after many years spent travelling around the world, i have settled down permanently in Australia in 2019 to live with my loved one.

I grew up in an artistic environment, with a creative and encouraging family who taught me how to see and feel the world differently.

My dad was an accomplished painter and sculptor and I’ve been playing with brushes and colours from as far as I can remember.

After studying 2 years in Art School in France, my professional life took another path.

I’ve had a successful career as a chef on super yachts for 20 years but creating has always remained an essential part of my life and i have never stopped painting.

Following my move to Australia, I decided to return my entire focus to my first love and devote myself entirely to my passion.

Multidisciplinary and always curious, I’m using a variety of media and styles to express myself.

My passion for people and faces is shown through lively and graphical portraits, influenced by Street Art, Pop Art and Underground Culture, as well as by my love for music and cinema.

I’m using mostly acrylic and spray paint along with a mix of stencil and classical technics to create contemporary and vibrant artworks.

I’m also customising old guitars and skateboards on demand to turn them into wall art and I’ve painted a few murals which I’ve really enjoyed doing.

I’m an eclectic artist, i love trying new things and it seems i can’t settle into a very defined style yet which allow me to create a variety of artworks.