Mixed Media, Photography

I am a conceptual photo / mixed media Artist based in Flaxton.

I gather and collect stories from my own experience and people and places that inspire me and then re-create these stories in my own interpretation and fictional narrative re-telling through illustration. My artistic interests lie in capturing the quirkier, more melancholy, edges of life, ideas and subject matter but I am not always limited to this.


Photo Art, Digital Art, Mixed Media, Cement.

Name: Marjorie Lord
Website: www.MarjorieLord.com.au

More About Me

Prior to discovering my passion for photo and digital artistry and mixed media work. I have previously worked in our family business as a bookkeeper and mother to four sons for 32 years. Throughout my entire life, I have always been involved in some form of art. I love to create and as a result, a visual arts project has never been far away from me.

Now that all the children are finally well-balanced adults leading their own lives, I am now fully able to embrace my inner creative self, to explore my conceptual art ideas with the use of a camera, scanner, digital editing tools and learn and engage in other art forms.

I simply love to create images that have a story.

I have received multiple nominee awards and awarded images over many years in the International Color Awards and the Black & White Spider Awards.

2022 I have completed my first book Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection which will be available in early April 2022.

Learn more about Marjorie Lord at www.MarjorieLord.com.au.