WENDY’S ART is a collection of original creations by Australian artist Wendy Sinclair – Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia.
Her love of nature and landscape are conveyed in her art, especially the colours wonders and unique sights seen in Australia and abroad.
She enjoys re-creating the joy and fascination that wandering through nature inspires in her.


Wendy loves to paint with acrylics (often with impasto techniques), acrylic inks, colour pencils, pastel pencils, soft pastels, mixed media and occasionally oils. She is also addicted to botanical Gel Printing.
Mixed Media allows her to create unique works that usually have an animal as the main focus, and items from nature such as textured handmade papers, feathers, tree bark, pressed flowers and snake-skin. Her use of colour to finally bring the mixed media items together into a stunning piece of artwork brings her immense satisfaction and pleasure.
She loves bold, vibrant colours and texture, lots of texture!


Studio Address:
53 Aurora Pl
Valdora  Qld 4561

Phone:  0438 402 054

Website: www.wendysart.com.au

Open Studios Sunshine Coast

More About Me

I have been a wanderer due to my husband’s work – grew up in Sydney, married 1981, and since have lived in Jabiru NT, Darwin NT twice, Melbourne twice, Montreal and Labrador City Canada, Samford Valley, Qld, Jakarta Indonesia and now have settled to retire on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I have a large home studio which has a lovely outlook onto our bush, and so much nature around to inspire me.

I started painting in 2013 while caring for my parents and haven’t looked back. I attended many workshops with various artists who inspired me: Mel Sebastian Studios Art101, De Gillett Arts Tree Studio, Jenny Kelly, Trisha Reust, Penelope Gilbert-Ng, Tod Whisson, Marcel Desbiens and Louise Corke. Currently I am drawn to the creative and intuitive nature of abstracts and Mixed Media, but still love my wildlife / nature artworks.