My art career got off to a bad start – I ran a crayon along Dad’s newly papered hallway when I was three! I just enjoy art – making it, looking at other peoples work and studying it. Practically, I am a mixed media artist and quite happy to paint one day and print the next. In 2016 I bought a printing press, so am enjoying the luxury of printing in my own studio. I also dabble in photography and cyanotypes. Life drawing has popped in and out of my life since the 1960s. I enjoy the challenge of the mediums, and am happy to combine them. Some of my work is a bit too thought out, so when something serendipitous occurs I’ll consider it a bonus. I probably prefer the aesthetic aspect of art but am intrigued by the concept side, and although it is the natural environment that remains my main influence I also know that my dressmaker mother is often looking over my shoulder. I currently belong to the Maleny Arts and Craft Group, the Maleny Printmakers and Arts Connect Inc. and am enjoying being part of Open Studios and meeting people interested in art..


Painting, printmaking, cyanotype and photography.


Studio Address:
32 Post Office Road
Mapleton QLD 4560

Phone: 5478 6441


More About Me

I was born in Bathurst, NSW, but grew up in Sydney. My first marriage took me to the beautiful NSW south coast, and my second took me around the world. As a child I said I wanted to be an artist, but it wasn’t till my sister gave me a sketchbook in my 20s that I took the idea seriously. I progressed to a painting for pleasure class, then technical college. I also brought up three sons and studied art at Sydney University. My ‘art career’ was dropped when we moved to Canberra where I completed an applied science degree – and this consolidated my interest in the natural environment. But, it too got left behind when John and I sailed away on the yacht Burramys. By 2003 I’d spent 20 years being a child, 20 years bringing up children, and 20 years cruising – art had to come next; so I did my Diploma in Visual Art at CQ TAFE, and later graduated with a Degree in Fine Art through Curtin University in 2016 . I now live in Mapleton, Qld, and work in my studio under my house.