A different view of the world, Art that challenges the viewer to think about what they see and hear.





More About Me

I worked as an illustrator in the advertising world. Now retired and painting and drawing in earnest again, not that I ever stopped. But now I have the opportunity to spend much more time on my art. I’m expecting it to be a long journey of discovery.

I create acrylic paintings to be visually engaging, whether they are realistic or abstract. When I paint realistically, I hope to draw the viewer into the scene, giving them an experience of place or object With my realistic abstract art I aim to challenge the viewer with objects and hope that when they understand they are nor real object that they grasp the underlying metaphors. Viewing my soundscapes will challenge the hearing population to think about common sounds they hear, and feel the emotional response to sounds. For the hearing impaired, I hope to arm them with at least my response to sounds.

Why the initial N in my name is important, well John Mason is a very common name, and there are loads of John Masons that are artists, so I need something to separate me from the rest.
Any day that I don’t paint or draw something feels like a wasted day.