Art has surrounded me my whole life, drawing as young as I can remember, playing in my Mum’s studio and going out sketching with my Grandpa. Now I encourage my own kids to draw and create. I am a fourth generation watercolour artist, focusing on contemporary landscapes of the Sunshine Coast.


Watercolour on paper, recycled envelopes and Claybord


Phone:  0424 880 703


More About Me

I grew up in England but after completing art school, had longed to come to Australia for many years and visit family. I met my, now, husband and settled into teaching Visual Art for many years and having a family. Now determined to focus on my own arts practice I combine both throughout the week.

I work plein air weekly as to connect with the landscape with multi-senses, and these play an important part of my current work – mark making playful lines of bird songs and visual movements throughout the scene. I often use unusual substrates such as recycled envelopes in my work playing with the idea of once discarded becoming prominent again. I am also using Watercolour on Claybord with exciting results.