Studio Address:
5 Selkirk Way
Peregian Springs Qld 4573

Phone: 0400 023 080

More About Me

I was raised and moulded by the lands of outback South Australia and Victoria from an early age and was inspired by the rugged coastlines and ever-changing landscapes. I never felt I belonged in the steel and concrete that was our metropolitan cities and yearned to feel free.”

“I have always felt drawn to the creative arts from an early school age, as it allows me to reflect on and define my emotions, my thoughts and my passions. This passion flourished 17 years ago while travelling Australia with my wife and children where we saw so many diverse and ever-changing landscapes, coastlines and people.

I spent the last 10 years working throughout the Kimberley, Regional SA and NT giving a helping hand to Aboriginal people on the land of beauty and such indigenous history and this allowed me the time to absorb this dynamic environment and understand the encroaching nature. This has inspired the creation of art pieces that express very personal beliefs and emotions, whether seascapes, landscapes or the people of Australia I am sharing something very personal through my work. I have portrayed the realism of the land and ocean onto canvas and into the living rooms of you, the people, who have or have not visited these places of truth or fantasy.

Encouraged by my wife to undertake an online course in painting by Scott Christensen in early 2018, and being inspired by so many artists, has allowed me to gain the confidence, the inspiration, grow the passion and obtain the knowledge to put my brush to canvas. My works have now undergone a massive transformation, and now encompass a wide array of art forms. Through the freedom of creativity, I am now comfortable using acrylics, oils, mixed medium and fluid styles. Producing my work on canvas, paper, tin, boards and recycled surfboards.”

“I now live on the beautiful and scenic Sunshine Coast, an area which has provided me with so much creativity and a never-ending thirst for life. A place of ever-changing landscapes, from the roaring ocean to the peaceful hinterland. This has inspired the foundation for ‘A Life on Canvas by Tim Noles’ and has provided endless opportunities for creativity. With a soul full of passion for creating, I now see life in everything. My dream, my hope, my goal is to show this to you whether it be an original piece or a limited edition print on a number of different media, to be a constant reminder that sits in your living room, boardroom and other public spaces revealing to you the beauty outside and each piece of art also has a written story that goes with it, so you can therefore enjoy and dream of the wonders, of the soul of this living land whether or whether not you have visit the particular areas.