Corrie Wright is an Sunshine Coast artist working in a diversity of forms and processes that reflect a strong relational role for art. Corrie’s art practice operates within the context of interaction, collaboration and process. Corrie’s work constantly moves between public art, environmental installations, exhibitions and collaborative working relationships. As a conceptual visual artist Corrie ventures to undertake contemporary methodologies that try to respond to the conditioning of our times and the place in which we are living. Exhibiting both nationally and internationally the processes used aim to foster a vital interrelationship between people places.


Installation artist working across platforms, sculpture, printmaking, illustration, digital, animation, projection


Website: www.corriewright.com.au

More About Me

My art practice connects through installation, collaborative relationships and performance. I share unique and distinct areas of expertise to scrutinise questions relating to more than one level of reality. Working in a diversity of forms and processes to reflect a strong relational role for art, the artwork sits in the context of installation, interaction, collaboration and process.