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I’m an American ex-Pat (dual citizen) and grew up in “big snow” country in Northern Michigan. I have lived, worked and created in Australia for over 30yrs. My professional work has always involved innovation and creative problem-solving projects in education, environment/agriculture and the sciences. These disciplines combine nicely with my interest in pottery, music and literature to produce my 2- and 3-Dimensional works that are often seen as “eccentric” or Avant-Guard. I have a small gathering of people who meet irregularly at my small studio, I have some videos on the Global Textile Hub YouTube channel that shows my approach to my approach to my work. If there was interest I might consider doing online workshops but at this point I there is not sufficient interest. Studio visits are welcome by arrangement.


Fibre/Textiles – Generally recycled and repurposed fibres (including wool, cashmere, Alpaca, Silk) as well as wool & blends of knitting yarn and fabrics. Framed with recycled timber and old framing.

Address: 3323 Old Gympie Road
Landsborough, Queensland
Phone: +61400988777

More About Me

Judith Tompkins – Artist Profile

“From childhood’s hour I have not been as others were; I have not seen as others saw.” – Edgar Allen Poe

I’ve always been a lateral thinker and a curious risk-taker with an unconventional perspective on how problems or situations might be seen if they were perceived differently. I always knew I didn’t “fit in” anywhere since both my personality and unconventional view of the world made me appear “eccentric” to others. That being said, my consistently skewed view of the world and my ability to imagine “illogical” and innovation solutions to complex problems served me well as a professional consultant/trouble-shooter for governments/organisations struggling to innovate new projects that would incorporate diverse disciplines. I found that devising a solution to an opposite problem I am pushed to a new perspective.

This applies to my art as well.

When I was finally able to shift my focus to textile/fibre art, I sought out people who, like me, perceived the world differently and were open to – and actively seeking – change.

I believe the best way to live in a constantly changing world that amazes me with its novelty and unpredictability is to push my boundary of creative thinking.

I try to incorporate my knowledge of the natural environment, applied sciences, taxidermy with my interest in literature, language, music and pottery to create my 2- and 3-dimensional works. Having interests across so many disciplines means that although my work starts with a concept or idea and perhaps a sketch, it more often than not develops organically to take on a life of its own.

I’m often surprised by the final outcome.

I celebrate visual surprises and try to create pieces that will catch the viewer off-guard, engage them through an element of whimsy or an illustrated “fibre pun,” so they are challenged to move beyond the point of merely “thinking outside the box” to a point where they do not see the need for a box in the first place.

“So deep is the creative spirit that you will never discover its limits even if you search every trail.” – Heraclitus