Denise Lamby face mask acquired for Qld State Library collection

“Masking Shortages” (worn by Malakai)

Over July and August Artisan Qld held ‘AboutFace’ – an exhibition of hand crafted face masks from artists around the world. Denise Lamby was honoured to have one of her pieces selected for gallery display.

Subsequently, a handful of artworks were purchased by the Queensland State Library for their collection , and ‘Masking Shortages‘ was one of them.

Denise writes “As an artist witnessing the supermarket shelves progressively stripped of the basics, I was compelled to take photos. It wasn’t until the 3rd week of Covid influenced hoarding, that our household toilet paper supplies started to dwindle and I became overwhelmingly embarrassed to join the local hunt for paper.”

“‘Masking Shortages‘ is one of a handful of masks I made in response to Covid19. It is constructed from hand rolled paper beads using the recycled paper wrapping that once adorned ‘Who gives a crap’ toilet paper. The public indifference to Covid-19 when it hadn’t yet reached our shores was similar to our ‘who gives a crap’ attitude to many things until they directly affect us.”

“In a sign of the times my neighbours and friends contributed to the collection of wrappers and even delivered some with complete rolls of toilet paper – these are strange times.”