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“A sense of place,” Tara has 25 years of experience as a magazine art director, this is the viewfinder through which she distills her subject matter.

It’s all about telling a story, arranging the components, fine-tuning the essential elements into a composition that communicates a sense of place to the viewer. Students will use monoprints and papers, and work with mixed media to create pieces that reflect their chosen sense of place, we will gather, collate, edit and arrange, make marks and combine these techniques to create either artist books, small works or paper vessels.

See Tara’s work:

Tara Axford is a Sydney based mixed media artist whose work explores a sense of place. Working with site specific found objects she plays with scale to create something new. The worn, weathered and discarded appeal to her. Using photography, printmaking and painting she works with nature and found pieces to rearrange the familiar into something new, so that something previously overlooked can be seen with ‘fresh’ eyes.

Tara shared with us a quote by Will Stubbs that she believes sums up her approach
“The looking is the trick. All of us can look, but few can see. Seeing is looking with knowledge. The knowledge of what to look for and how to see it”