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This will be the start of three amazing workshops with Margret Ellen Turner as she explains:-

“If it can be said there is a purpose to art, then it is to ‘point’ towards something that cannot be articulated – mere words will always fall short of the fullness of what is being pointed to. As artists we are obligated to bring a grounded authenticity to what we make so it is more than just having a having a nice time with clay, screen, paint or whatever media we choose. To mature as artists we need to understand our own biases and work with them, subvert them, stand them on their head, so we keep ourselves always excited about what we do and thus move our work beyond our own cliches.

This series of 3 workshops is intended to provide a stimulus for the artist in you to connect with your known and your unknown (or denied) predilections relating to your response not only to colour, composition and subject matter, but also to the bigger picture – what it is to be human and alive. “