Keep making work for this exhibition!  It will (eventually) happen.

ACI Updates readers may recall that in March 2020, before things were turned topsy turvy, that we announced we had secured space at the beautiful Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve for an Arts Connect Inc. artists’ exhibition.  The theme was to be “Botanica”, and it was slated for July 2020.  But that’s not happening, of course, and everything was cancelled and closed down.

However, staff at Mary Cairncross are keen for this exhibition to go ahead, even though right now no dates can be set. We still don’t know when the Rainforest Discovery Centre will open again.  Also, the current Reserve theme around Invertebrates still has to run out.

This mean that an exhibition around the Botanica theme will happen after October 2020, and is more likely to be scheduled for early 2021.

If working to a “Botanica” theme that is focused on the plants of Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve interests you, then keep making work for this exhibition.  In case it is useful, I will give you a link to a list of MCSR plant species as soon as it becomes available to me.   Happy Creating!