Hi, I’m Veronica. I have lived almost all my life in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a textile designer, I have been teaching for 27 years at the university.
In 2019 I was caught up in Australia, firstly because of the pandemic and secondly the beauty of Australia.
In a small town on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland called Maleny I found the love and with it, the freedom and courage to do what I wanted; then I started to paint.

I find inspiration in the rural landscapes that surround me. The nearby beaches, the people captured in an instant, the daily joy inspire me. The warm light of the sun that paints all the colors, the rain that falls gently on the grass and the mist that steals my smiles with its magic.

My painting pays homage to simple things, which I try to capture so that they last.


I work with acrylics, brushes and knives palettes.
I also express myself through photography.

Name: Veronica Schobert
Address: 64 Maleny Stanley River Road
Maleny, QLD 4552
Phone: 0467340236