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We are passionate about supporting and connecting artists on the Sunshine Coast. One way we aim to do that is with the Members Directory on our website. The information on this page is for Members to help them get the most from their ACI Membership.

Membership Login and Site Access

We have recently launched our new website, and with that we removed the Member Login functionality.

Membership Profiles and Images

We are streamlining our Membership systems, and working to make it as easy as possible to create an online presence for our Members on our website.

To create a new Member Profile listing, or update an existing one, please complete the form below. We will upload your details for you. Please allow approximately 1 week for profiles to be added or updated.

And please note that Member profiles MUST include images to display in the directory.

Member Profile Information

Please complete the form below with as much information as you can.
The more information you would like to share about you and your arts practice, the better.
If you are unsure about what to write or include, have a look at some of the Member profiles already listed in the Members Directory.

Your 'Display' name is the name that will appear on our website. E.g Jo Blogg or XYZ Gallery
Please use the email address you used to register your membership with us.
Note: this address is not published unless you nominate to do so in the contact details below.
Please include existing categories, the items selected above will replace all your current categories.

Information About You, The Artist or the Gallery

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