Richard Muldoon, ACI PresidentAs we enter June 2020 I’d like to quickly remind all our members that renewal of your Arts Connect Inc. memberships are due 1st July.

To get the most from your annual membership fee of just $50, please renew before the 1st of July by clicking on this link.

For new members joining right now, you will receive over a year’s membership as well, so don’t hesitate to jump online and register here.

But why join Arts Connect Inc?

The Arts Connect Inc. Committee is a passionate and committed group of creatives dedicated to making opportunities for artists living and working on the Sunshine Coast.
Apart from coordinating two major arts events, Sculpture On The Edge and Open Studios Sunshine Coast, we also offer a wide range of creative workshops and networking social activities. We offer our members the opportunity to showcase their work for sale with our yearly exhibitions program. In addition to this, our monthly newsletter (which you are reading), keeps your finger on the pulse of what is happening locally in the arts industry such as member exhibitions, members’ workshops, and other opportunities for artists.  Membership benefits include:

  • Social networking events and functions
  • Subsidised ACI hosted workshops
  • Collaborations with other artists and arts groups
  • Training in business, marketing, and creative mentoring
  • Opportunities for members to showcase and sell their work through competitions, exhibitions, and Open Studios
  • A Monthly Newsletter packed full of arts news and events

Our membership is growing, and we look forward to presenting our exciting program of membership benefits to you all very soon.

Also see the article by Caroline Hughes-King, for more details on these program benefits that ACI membership gives.

Until next time,
Richard Muldoon