Richard Muldoon, ACI President

We sincerely hope every one of our members and friends have kept themselves safe and busy through this unprecedented time. I myself have found the time to be very soul enriching, energising, and creative… who would have ever thought isolation could be great for our creative practice?? Without the distractions of everyday life, I’ve found a productive way forward for my work, and I hope you have as well.

As we hopefully near the end of this stage and those distractions open their doors again, let’s try not to lose the focus and the commitment to our arts practice! Once Arts Connect’s programs are up and running again over coming months, take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and skills available to us as we come together again – in person and live – not online.

Whilst our committee have been taking a much needed rest through this time, we have not been entirely idle. The month of May will see the launch of Arts Connect’s new website! This new website will see a fresh new and easily navigable design, as well as far more advanced functionality. The new site features expanded levels of information so you will have access to all the information you need regarding our exhibitions, workshops, and events, all at your fingertips.

Stay Tuned for this and the release of new dates for all of our programs including Open Studios. In the meantime stay safe, be creative, and keep the door to distractions closed.

Until next time,
Richard Muldoon