Sandy has been painting, drawing and creating since she could hold a pencil! She brings a lifetime of creative experience, love of colour and pattern, as well as a deeper spiritual connection into her artworks. Having travelled extensively to countries, rich and diverse, heavily influenced by their belief systems, intentions, symbolism and cultures, which are part of their everyday lives, for example, Bali, India, Thailand, Europe. The many and varied aspects of these cultures have formed a ‘library’ of memories and images upon which Sandy draws inspiration. The ceremonial nature many of these cultures practice on a daily basis, honouring their belief systems, is also something that fascinates and inspires Sandy when creating her imagery; the multi-layered complexity of life and lives, reflects her respect for and love of these cultures.

Sandy’s fondest childhood memories included living an unconventional lifestyle, with a degree of self-sufficiency, in a home in the bush, built by her father, right beside a creek! Her parents, who perhaps were regarded as hippies in the 70s, introduced spontaneity and encouraged her wild imagination from very early in her life. She recalls having to bring her little table and chairs indoors, every night, so that the stars did not fall on them!

Sandy does not want a painting to just be something that decorates your walls. She wants your connection with her artwork to awaken something in you: a feeling, a thought, an idea. A good question to ask yourself when looking at a piece might be ‘How does it make you feel?’.

Sandy’s artworks are very much an expression of her beliefs and intentions, infused with unseen energies, love and passion. She will use essential oils, Bach flower remedies, symbolism and sacred geometry, to enrich these pieces, which may not been seen, but are there all the same. She will only paint when she is in a positive mindset, she will ‘cleanse’ the space with sage and Palo santo before activating the canvas. Some paintings, in particular commissioned works, use layers of written words, again not necessarily visible, designed to manifest what the customer desires.

Should you wish to commission a special, custom piece of art, Sandy will be happy to work with you to ensure that the imagery she undertakes for you reflects your vision.


Acrylic on canvas, sculpture (clay, papier mache), textiles

Name: Sandy Van Herberghen
Address: 194 Gumboil Road
Tinbeerwah, QLD 4563
Phone: 0499287608