Sculpture, Woodworking, Writing

I started in the dark arts of maths and computing. Around 1990, I started picture framing the works of my wife, Judith. When I began cutting strange patterns in the mat board, I decided to venture into stained glass, combining it with wood.


Woodwork is my main activity. I mainly make wooden automata. These are sculptures that move when one turns a handle. They have an almost cartoonish quality. Sometimes, I make sculptures that are assemblages of wood and other materials. In 2022, I’m hoping to grow some steampunk ceramic boxes. I have been a finalist in a number of local competitions. In 2017, the Innovation Centre at the Sunshine Coast University selected one of my fish automata for a commemoration.

I used to be mainly a writer. I have a few novels published by publishers that immediately crumbled. I have quite a few stories published in the horror and fantasy genre. In 2010, I even won the Weekender competition for romance stories.

Phone: +61402048210

More About Me

There are fine woodworkers… and then there’s me.