Drawing, Pastels, Sculpture

What we pursue through our art and what we learn from it, cannot be expressed in a few words. But I know what I seek is here somewhere in the clay, the bronze and fire.


Bronze is simply a beautiful material. It transforms our ideas and embodies our humanity in a way that endures, quietly. I need to make sculptures which bear the marks of my hands and sculpture tools in the clay.

One of the many things I love about sculpture is the sense of ‘frozen moment’ – the stillness that allows us to circumnavigate a composition. It allows us to better understand what would otherwise be a fleeting sense of grace. When you view bronze sculpture there is so much more than form – you sense timelessness, history, memories and stories. In a way, sculpture is the creation of memory.

Having been an architect for many years, spatial thinking and 3D visualisation have always been part of my daily work. But like architecture, sculpture is strongly process driven. It is complicated and takes time and planning. It requires the understanding of material and the processes of transformation of that material, from clay to ceramic or clay to bronze, from earth through fire to art!

Website: http://www.camcrossley.art
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More About Me

I am a sculptor and artist living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and my work is predominantly figurative. There’s no mystery as to why artists have always drawn and sculpted the human figure and the nude. It is always beautiful, the measure of us. It is both our vehicle and our unit of measure for our created world. We learn read to the body as an expression of truth and meaning in ways that words cannot.

Perhaps that is also why I have always loved the beach. It is a place where we rid ourselves of the uniforms and baggage and are free to connect with nature, family, loved ones and our thoughts. The beach is the great democratiser. It is a place where we are forced to say, “this is who I am”. It is a place where we can be immersed. In the ocean, I love that sense or ‘returning’.

The Sunshine Coast is home for me.