Cath Knijnenburg (pronounced Kay-nine-en-burg) is a full-time visual artist with a deep affection for the land around her, and the life that inhabits it. Cath’s works are influenced by Australian native flora and fauna – in both literal and abstracted form.


Acrylic, charcoal, wax pastel and oil pastel on Belgian Linen


Phone: 0400 520 911

Website: www.artistcathk.com

More About Me

The interplay of positive and negative space is used extensively throughout her work. It defines and implies details that evoke both a strong mood and an extrasensory perception of shape. Cath’s contemporary pieces have an open, progressive style that is heavily influenced by her previous graphic design career.

She likes to paint in generous scale on luxurious Belgian Linen giving the pieces high impact in any space. Cath’s creations promote a deep sense of life and spirit, that authentically reflect the context and aesthetic of modern Australia.

She is passionate about originality and the vibrancy that the right piece of art can imbue in a room. Cath’s work is gaining popularity, with pieces housed in collections throughout Australia, Asia, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. Cath paints from her studio on Mt Ninderry, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland where she enjoys the aspect and the garden with her family, and a few furry and feathered locals.­­­­­