I am a ceramicist and painter who responds to the things that appeal to me visually in my day-to-day life. I am often motivated to create by fleetingly noticed parts of a landscape, or the textures, colours and shapes of organic forms. Capturing my response to the moment and the essence of what appealed is behind all that I make.


Ceramics, Oil paint


Studio Address:
25 Laurel Street
Maleny QLD 4552

Phone:  0428 195 394

Open Studios Sunshine Coast

More About Me

I studied art through my secondary and tertiary education and focussed on a career in teaching and then school administration as I brought up my two, now adult, children. Deciding to return to making visual art after leaving teaching, I completed a Diploma of Visual Art five years ago to get me back in the studio.

My painting is expressionist in style and seeks to record my emotional response to the landscape. Colour and light are the aspects of the view that most intrigue me. The challenge of manipulating oil paint on a surface to capture my here and now in a personally resonating and resolved way is a never-ending source of satisfaction.

Clay holds a similar attraction for me. It is immediately responsive to my hand as I manipulate it and embellish its surface to capture my fascination with the natural forms around me. I use pinch, slab and coil techniques to build my forms because of the way they tend to produce an organic shape.