I’m a visual artist based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, with an endless fascination for the abstract nature of human emotion.

I allow each work to evolve and become what it is, without preconceptions or fixed ideas about how each work should be resolved, ensuring only that I feel a strong emotional connection with the finished piece.

Through my painting I extend an invitation to the viewer to undertake a personal exploration of perceived narrative, meaning and purpose, extending and transforming my own journey of creation into a new experience, creating a ripple effect of emotional resonance.


I work mainly in acrylic, but I am always open to experimentation in my process so may incorporate any materials I have to hand.

I intersperse my ‘painting days’ with time spent experimenting with my process in different mediums. I contemplate experiences through a sketching process where I might employ assemblage, print, clay, collage, drawing and/or textiles as a way to explore physical properties, visual possibilities and to facilitate the emergence of strong and urgent sentiments.

Experimenting with different mediums and processes, on varying scales, enriches my work and provides me with a literal and sensory resource which I can then draw upon randomly to create surprise and spontaneity on the canvas, through form, texture and colour.



More About Me

Originally from England, I arrived in Australia 20 years ago, having completed a BA(Hons) in Fine Art and Design Technology from Leeds University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Bath Spa University.
I have exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally and received recognition of my arts practice through inclusion in finalists and touring exhibitions, publications, and awards.
Where to find out more about me and my work: