Chenrezig Institute Art Studio brings together sculptors, mould makers and painters that produce the many traditional Tibetan Buddhist sacred artworks that beautify the centre and Garden of Enlightenment. The Art Studio is a hub of creativity and provides a variety of services, classes and workshops. The Gallery hosts a range of sacred artwork, concrete statues for indoor and outdoors and a variety of art by local community members.


Paint, gold leaf, concrete, plaster, silicon, resin and fiberglass.

Name: Shannon Murphy
Address: 33 Johnsons Road
Eudlo, Qld 4554
Phone: +61450475736

More About Me

The art studio is the creative heart of Chenrezig Institute for Wisdom Culture, largely run by dedicated volunteers of various ages and backgrounds. Traditional skills, processes and techniques are all skillfully employed to produce a diverse range of sacred Buddhist art forms including buddha statues, tsa tsas and stupas, as well as traditional thangka paintings of mandalas and deities. They are now exploring a range of concrete products suitable to create tranquil outdoor and indoor settings, such as bowls and bird baths and butter lamps.

Much of the ongoing work in the studio is focused on the creation of memorial stupas for placement in the Garden of Enlightenment, a unique memorial garden ideally suited for quiet reflection, remembrance and meditation . Chenrezig Institute Art Studio also fulfil commissions to produce stupas for buddhist centres around the world, in addition to supplying stupas to individuals for private use at home.