Christian Dunham is an emerging visual artist from the enchanting Coolabine valley in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. His journey into the world of art is deeply intertwined with a love of abstraction, jazz, and a passion for exploring improvised and innovative approaches to portraiture, figure drawing, and landscape art. The result is a unique fusion of skilful musician and visual artist.


Charcoal, pastels, acrylics, mixed media. Recycled coffee bean sacks. Homemade stretchers. Cement.

Name: Christian Dunham
Address: PO Box 185
Kenilworth, Qld 4574
Phone: 0448 303013

More About Me

Christian’s artistic roots began in the realm of music as an accomplished professional musician. This musical background in jazz has infused his visual art with a distinctive rhythm and harmony. His love for abstraction, evident in both his art and music, reflects a desire to break free from conventional forms and embrace the boundless possibilities of creative expression.

The artwork takes on a fresh and innovative approach, often incorporating recycled materials and textiles. This conscious choice not only aligns with sustainability but adds a unique texture and dimension to his creations. Christian is influenced by Anselm Kiefer and the impermanence and grandeur of his work. Brian Rutenberg, who offers the liberation of having permission to freely express on the canvas and to interpret landscape and use colour in a unique way, and Pietro Annigoni for capturing moments of beauty.