Passionately influenced by the environment and utilising waste products that are otherwise headed for landfill. Currently focused on giving new life to unexpected, reclaimed and recycled materials.


Recycled and reclaimed materials – constructing, manipulating and sculpting (paper, tea bags, bottle tops and various plastics)
Polymer and ink tile assemblages
Line drawing and ink on paper
Laser cut steel design work for wall decor and screens
Wearable art and bespoke catwalk designs


Studio Address:
17 Aldinga Place
Mooloolaba, Qld 4557

Phone:  0439 227 183

More About Me

Self taught from mountains of trial and error, many failed attempts and dogged persistence. The most creative and suprising outcomes are achieved by pushing the materials and myself outside the arbitrary comfort zone.

From pens to power tools my work evolves, cross-pollinating numerous artistic skills and techniques. As an Artist I engage with my local community, facilitate workshops and community art projects to share my passion, skills and love for all things creative.