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An exploration of new and challenging ideas where the artists have the opportunity to open their creative minds freed from restraints, habitual directions, imposed boundaries and conventional artistic limitations.

Our exhibition aims to encourage artists to explore and create artworks that reveal much.

Beauty, strength, vulnerability, power, joy, tenderness, anger, delight, sadness can all expressed in a variety of both actual and perceived ideology and emotion. The aim of the exhibition is to allow both artists and viewers the freedom to interpret these works in ways that may free them from conventional expectations.

Participating artists include: Carol Weir, Annie McIntosh, Chris Blake, Christine Elcoate, Deann Cumner, Dorothy Haig, Jennifer Caseldine, Jacky Lowry, Jo Turner, Judi Parkinson, Robin Yates, Catherine Day, Margie Lipscombe, Miles Allen, Jennifer Harris, Victoria Fitzpatrick, Kaye Leech, Jim Cox, Nicci Parry- Jones, Olga Garner- Morris.