Abstract and Expressive, Visually Enticing. Adding life and excitement to any space.
I have been painting for many years, and have sold works both nationally and internationally. My work often tends toward a landscape theme, but is quite abstract in style.

I like to experiment with all kinds of mediums and mark-making within the context of an acrylic painting. I mostly work on canvas, however do also work on paper and board. I enjoy letting the paint and mark-making create the base which I can then intuitively respond to and expand upon.

I never start a painting with any preconceived ideas of what I would like it to be, or where it might end up. This ‘not knowing’ keeps me stimulated and interested, and provides the opportunity to create with freedom and playfulness. Each and every work is a puzzle to be solved, and each has its own unique voice and journey.

The size of my works range from small works through to metre x metre, with a couple a little larger. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to view other works that I am not displaying here. Thank you for your interest!

Name: Felicity Rutherford