Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

Drawing has always been something I’ve enjoyed, when time permitted, and I began to experiment with painting later on. Most of my work is abstract. Prior to 2021, I had not shared my artwork (from the last 20+ years) with anyone, except for family and a few close friends. Time to set it free!


Painting – watercolour recently, and acrylics.
Drawing – oil pastels and charcoal.
Sculpture – I enjoy occasional sculpting of abstract or human forms using clay.

Name: Fiona Bourne
Website: https://www.fjbourne.com/

More About Me

New beginnings… terrifying but exciting! The constellation of life happening, love and the world’s turning has led to my acknowledging my art, setting it free and sharing it. My drawings are predominantly bold colourful abstract works (and occasional human forms) in oil pastel, sometimes with a surreal or whimsical flavour, and more recently I found charcoal. I first experimented with painting for “fun” at University and began to actually enjoy it much more, much later on, once I freed myself of the expectation of wielding a paintbrush with the dexterity I’d have with a pencil or an oil crayon, and becoming comfortable with the fact that realism wasn’t for me!

Abstract work has become my joy and comfort zone. Whilst I may not have a clear vision or story to relate at the outset (which is half the fun for me), I am often surprised to find true stories are told in the end, through the colours, shapes and human postures and facial expressions, if included. Some of these stories are as simple as an expression of a love of nature, especially a love of the sea, and other tales are more convoluted, delving into complicated emotions and thoughts.

Without formal arts training beyond lower secondary school, having a personal history as a bit of a (recovering) perfectionist and being focused on a medical career, I never deemed my art “good enough” to share, and prior to 2021 never made time to do so. I’ve listened to those close to me, stifled a few unhealthy thoughts, and have become more accepting of imperfection in many facets of life (perfectly imperfect life). So, borrowing from the concept of wabi-sabi, I am sharing my art.

More information about FJBourne can be found on her website, www.fjbourne.com