Irene lives in Marcus Beach, where the ocean and Noosa’s unique natural environment inspires and informs her work. Fascinated by detail, Irene strives to recreate the wonder of tiny elements in the natural world, where the possibilities are limitless.

She believes visual art has value beyond aesthetics and the power to engage with diverse audiences in order to bring awareness to the beauty and significance of the environment and, as a result, change attitudes that motivate constructive action towards addressing climate change.

Her work is a mixture of functional ware and whimsical sculpture forms.


Ceramics: hand building sculpture with a preference for fine porcelain clays. Paper clay, black midfire
Calligraphy and hand lettering: ink and pointed pen, acrylics and watercolours

Name: Irene Visser
Address: 3 Chestnut Court
Marcus Beach, Qld 4573
Phone: +6140 808 5411

More About Me

Throughout a long career as designer and lecturer of communication design, Irene often found refuge in the practice of manual arts and crafts. Now she has the time and space to focus on her own creativity and takes great pleasure in exploring various materials and techniques.

As a long time contributor to the Woodford Folk Festival, Irene has played a key role in decorating venues and facades, signwriting and special art projects including the creation and installation of giant paper maché fish.