Printmaking is my passion, with collagraphs, linocut prints and photopolymer etchings as my favourite printmaking techniques. Nature is a main inspiration, with a delight in the colours, forms, patterns and designs of plants. I often use real plants to make collagraph plates. I also explore a love of pattern, contrast and abstraction through fragmentation and collaging of print editions, where the source images are mostly botanical forms. Some of my print-based works are unique one-offs, but most are part of a limited edition. Because they are hand printed, and many have individually hand painted backgrounds, there will be slight differences within print editions.


I mostly work with collagraph, linocut, and photopolymer printmaking techniques, with an occasional foray into collage, and encaustic media.


Studio Address:
73 Curramore Rd Witta,
Queensland, 4552 AU

Phone: +61417616817


Open Studios Sunshine Coast

More About Me

I was born in Holland and immigrated as a child to Western Australia in 1951. Before finding art late in life, I trained to teach High School Science and Biology; married a geologist and accompanied him on the Nullarbor; studied little animals in caves for a Masters Degree; raised a family; cruised on a ferro-cement yacht; and lived for a bit in Indonesia. I went to art school in South Australia and Brisbane, graduating in 1998 and 1999. Printmaking and Textiles were my major focus. After much moving around, I now live in Conondale, on the banks of the upper Mary River, establishing my printmaking studio there in 2011.

The strong inspiration of Nature came from the experience of a somewhat feral childhood along the banks of the Canning River, Western Australia. Later came studies in science and biology, resulting in a love of scientific illustrations. These influences can all be seen in my artwork, manifested as a delight in the colours, forms, patterns and designs of plants – hence the use of real plants to make collagraph plates, and the use of plant-based images in my collages. Today my passion is the printed mark, but until my acquisition of a press in 2004, I initially focused on papermaking, fabric printing and batik. (After all, batik is based on printing with wax!) Since then my main focus has been on printmaking.