I am a 2D representational artist living on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, Australia. I primarily focus on landscapes and figurative subjects using various types for media and support materials. My goal is to interrogate the media and materials to deepen the mystery and draw the viewer into the subject, seeking more and possibly even reflecting on a past experience.


I work with acrylics, oils, ink, spray paint, charcoal and pencil on different types of support materials such as cotton or linen canvas, wooden board, clayboard, and paper.

Name: Jane Ericksen
Phone: 0499083002
Website: janee.biz

More About Me

I am an Australian artist living on the Sunhine Coast in Queensland and have drawn and painted as long as I can remember. I have studied at Curtin University and undertaken mentored residencies at Metchosin International School of the Arts (MISSA) on Vancouver Island in Canada.
I have had solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia and Canada.

I am focused on representational works of landscapes and figuratives. I work with acrylics, oils, ink, pencil and charcoal on diverse support materials. Deepening the Mystery is my goal with each of my pieces when investigating a subject or scene. I interrogate my chosen media to gain depth and mystery, expecting the unexpected with how the media reacts with diverse materials/media, and drawing the viewer into this mystery to look deeper or reflect on a past experience.