Ceramics, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Scratching the creative itch is what its all about. I believe we all have it in one form or another and that is why I am here on this platform today. I want to share what I create with other people and maybe, just maybe it will mean something to them too!


I am fairly new to ceramics but the whole process has me hooked, although painting was my first love. Nowadays I just love it all and have to reign in my excitement and urge to try everything.

Life drawing, painting in oil, acrylic, pastel. watercolour you name it!

Phone: +61415471185

More About Me

A familiar story of years in another career and then one day the opportunity comes along to pursue a new career doing the creative things you have always longed to do but never had the time for. Well that’s where I am now. i have an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art and have some work in private collections. The thing is I know just want to be crazy and brave with my art and have lots of fun in the process. All we have is NOW.