Textiles, Fibre/Textile

Judith is a mature-aged, self-taught fibre artist whose distinctive sculptural fibre/textile works encourage the viewer to move beyond “thinking outside the box” to a world without a box. Science, natural history, pottery, taxidermy, and literature combine to transport viewers into a world of whimsical, tactile visual surprises and fibre puns.


Contact Name: Judith Tompkins
Address: 3323 Old Gympie Road
Landsborough, QLD 4550 AU
Phone: +61400988777

More About Me

“From childhood’s hour I have not been as others were; I have not seen as others saw.” – Edgar Allen Poe

Judith’s organic 2-/3D sculptural fibre/textile works reflect her unconventional view of fibre art weaves science, pottery, taxidermy, and literature into whimsical, tactile visual surprises, fibre puns and metaphorical “whacks on the side of the head” designed to catch the viewer off-guard.

Judith’s reuse/alteration of materials in studio “Palimpsest” produces new works with visible traces of a material’s earlier form but there also exists images beneath changed designs never seen unless the fibres are deliberately removed so it is also studio “Pentimento”.

Retired after 30 years of consultancy work, I moved onto a new path and gallery “

Palimpsest” has served as the creative space for myself and a core group of retired, mature-aged, fibre/textile artists seeking to informally practice their textile knowledge and skills.

A self-taught, fibre/textile artist, my interactive, sculptural, mixed-media pieces evolve with new techniques/materials. I promote my work through regional galleries and competitions like: Sculptures on the Edge (Flaxton finalist, 2023); National Capitol Art Prize (Canberra finalist, 2022); Arts Connect Open Studios (Studio 2022/ 2023); Ten Moir (California finalist – two pieces, 2023 California online gallery).

I’m unable to see in 3 dimensions so have developed other ways of “seeing” to produce my 3-D (static and interactive) works. I invite viewers to visit my world of Australian landscapes and wildlife to a sometimes skewed or Surreal look at the world and language through fibre idioms and puns.