Most of my images contain figurative and ornate decorative elements. Some of my works turn word play into visual statements.

I find that drawing is the most direct medium for conveying my visual intention and idea. One chance with one pencil – with help from an eraser.

Printing involves three stages: inscribing the image, ‘biting’ the drawn plate and then printing the art work.

Making the handmade books involves creating making book size prints for the cover, finding beautiful fabrics plus papers to complete the journal.


Printmaking, drawing, handmade books


Phone: 07 5441 3049

More About Me

I trained as a painter through the foundation course at Ealing College of Art, London. This led me to Leeds University, UK, for my B.A in Fine Arts. My main subject was oil painting – with printmaking as an elective.

After graduating, I worked as an illustrator for the London Zoological Society.

On arrival in Canberra, I was employed as a lecturer in Painting at the Canberra School of Art.
Other work includes:
– Botanic illustrator for the Canberra Botanic Gardens;
– illustrator in the Instructional Resources Unit at the Australian National University;
– Lecturer in Architecture, University of Canberra.

In 1988, because of my keen interest in drawing and the fine line, I returned to printmaking at Studio One, Canberra. Since moving to the Sunshine Coast in 1997, I have featured in many group and solo printmaking exhibitions. I have also facilitated many print (etching) workshops.