Vibrant, Expressive, Inspired
Bespoke wearable art and intricate vessels, which enable self-expression


Polymer clay and mixed media


Phone: 0426 811 244


Open Studios Sunshine Coast

More About Me

Jewellery can be an immensely powerful art form, which creates a special bond between the artist and the wearer. It is a personal expression to the world, about who we are and who we would like to be. As an introvert, enabling people to express themselves without having to speak, brings me great satisfaction.

I also create intricate vessels and small sculptural work. These pieces often complement my jewellery collections. I love working in 3D and invite people to experience my work through touch as well as sight, from its unexpected lightweight to its diverse textures, colours, and patterns. For me, these little details are especially important, they make the design.

My preference is for colourful playful pieces that express feminine beauty, transformation, and connections. I often begin with colour and draw inspiration from personal experiences and anything that makes me smile.

I started working with polymer clay in 2015 and it remains my preferred medium. It is strong, light, and flexible, with endless possibilities. With it I can create intricate patterns in vivid colours, interesting forms and wonderful textures. I use a large variety of traditional techniques from various disciplines, adapted, and applied in a modern and refreshing way.