I have been expressing myself through a number of classical and experimental creative media since 2002. I feel privileged to share with others my unique perspective on life lived in a flow of self-realisation through Nature, Art, and Spirituality.


Oil paint, Acrylic, Inkjet transfers, Mosaic, Natural fibers, Organic and Recycled materials.


Website: www.lauravecmane.com

Open Studios Sunshine Coast

More About Me

The early years of my artistic career were spent in Europe, studying art in Latvia, Denmark, and Spain. The multicultural influences, impressions of nature, radiant light, rich and vivid colours, and scenes of daily life have been regular inspirations for my art.

As a local Sunshine Coast artist, I am inspired by the diversity of fauna and flora and the landscapes from the coast to the hinterland. In particular, I feel attracted to the birdlife, the many unique and colourful characters that it presents.

Living close to Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve I am drawn to the elementals of nature and through this bond, the parts of the Indigenous way of telling stories of the Earth through art and painting have been organically absorbed into my art practice.

From water particles floating freely in the misty morning air to the rhythms of the grass bowing down in the wind, it is the language of this land that I am learning to understand and speak.

The artworks I create are expressionistic and playful contemporary compositions often telling eclectic stories of the people, wildlife, things, and moments that we as travelers in the Dreamtime are passing through and by.

The merging of plains, amplified perspectives, and lines revealing geometric shapes allow me to express my vision of life unfolding similarly to a mosaic or collage.
I often choose fresh and subtle tones, combined with vibrant colours. These I believe have an uplifting impression on Soul.