In 2014, I picked up a camera, not fully aware that it would set me on an incredible journey of self-expression. Photography / PhotoArt became my voice, my way of communicating thoughts and emotions. Over time, I honed my craft and found a special niche in Conceptual Narrative Photography, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

Rather than fixating on achieving mere photorealism, my true aspiration lies in the art of storytelling through the lens. With the skillful layering of images, the integration of text, and even the incorporation of graffiti, my work is an intentional immersion into the world of photo artistry, with a particular focus on infrared photography and Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). This approach serves to craft narratives that captivate and transport the viewer into a world that transcends the confines of the frame.

As a Conceptual Narrative Artist, I combine conceptual thinking and narrative elements in my work to convey stories, ideas, or messages through my art. My aim is to embrace the roles of both photographer and storyteller, weaving visual tales that beckon you to become an integral part of the stories I meticulously construct.

My work spans a diverse range of styles and themes, from the surreal landscapes of infrared photography to the ethereal movement captured through Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). It includes portraits and other unique visual stories, each piece with its own unique story to tell.

Name: Marjorie Lord
Address: Sunshine Coast
Hinterland Australia
Phone: +61429491106