In the skilled hands of emerging abstract artist Michelle Graham, the Sunshine Coast’s natural wonders ignite a vibrant symphony of hues and textured depth. Michelle’s artistic journey, inseparable from the region’s diverse landscapes, unfolds through her expressive palette knife, impasto technique, and heavy texture.

It dances across the canvas, echoing coastal ebbs and flows, revealing layers that unveil hinterland mysteries and sunlit shores. In each stroke, Michelle’s works stand as a testament to the resilient beauty of the Sunshine Coast. A living muse inspires her narrative, enriched by both coastal scenery and her journey with chronic pain, infusing each piece.


Gestural abstraction, acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Name: Michelle Graham
Address: 256/8 Land Street
Toowong, Queensland 4066
Phone: 0438 181 270

More About Me

I picked up a palette knife in early 2023 and have not put one down since! Working closely with local artist Tara Sage as my mentor and friend – I’m devoting time every day to abstract painting. Developing and nourishing my skills I’ve been fortunate to have a number of my pieces picked up by private collectors.

I am a passionate, vibrant and enthusiastic abstract painter who uses colour, texture and a multi-layered approach to painting. I’ve always been an artist in some form or another. Quilter, mosaicist, silversmith, stenciller – colour & art have always been inside me and are now simply being expressed on a canvas.