Ceramics, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture

Fiona Cuthbert O’Meara is a contemporary ceramicist and visual artist working from her studio in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.

Her practice is a fusion of the hand built and the wheel thrown; the functional and the sculptural, as she explores her love of the organic.


Ceramics: wheel throwing, hand building, sculpture, found object sculpture, installation.

Name: Fiona Cuthbert O’Meara
Address: 76a Grays Road
Doonan, Qld, 4562 AU
Website: www.naturemuse.com.au
Phone: +61439654471
Private Studio (by appointment only)

More About Me

In 2019, Fiona Cuthbert O’Meara was the recipient of the open ceramic award for “A taste of art”, at Noosa Regional gallery for her work Undergrowth. In the same year Fiona was awarded the Geoffrey Walker Fellowship, where she travelled to the Penland school of craft in North Carolina USA to study with world renowned ceramic artists and enhance her knowledge and skills in the craft of ceramics.

Now teaching from her private studio on the Sunshine Coast, Fiona stretches her practice across many ceramic disciplines including wheel throwing, hand building, sculpture, glaze formulation and has just built an Anagama kiln on the land at her Doonan studio.

Fiona exhibits her work in galleries and spaces throughout the Sunshine Coast. She delivers regular workshops with a focus on authentic artistic expression for a range of skill levels specialising in wheel throwing, hand building and the alchemy of glazing.

With an extensive back-ground in visual art, ceramics, emergency nursing, natural therapies and counselling, Fiona’s work cannot help but be highly conceptual in nature.

Strong links to the natural world are evident and there is always evidence of real life experience, empowerment and discovery.