“Set your imagination free, like a child cloud gazing on the grass, the more you look, the more you will see.”
Roseanne is an emerging interpretive artist, inspired by beach walks, and life on the Sunshine Coast, to creatively explore the use of bright colours and mixed media to produce unique spirit-scapes in a way that vibrates with high level energy, impacting viewers on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Roseanne invites purchasers to use their own unique perspective to interpret her timeless, and endlessly interesting paintings, filled with good spirits, guides, faeries and elementals.


Mixed media, mostly inks and acrylics

Name: Roseanne Neshamah Shines
Address: 2/22 Adelong Cres
Buddina, QLD 4575
Phone: 0410458801
Website: NeshamahShines.com

More About Me

Roseanne is a second generational creative artist, who has always loved arts and crafts, having been around and experimenting with them all her
life. She fondly remembers spending many hours watching, learning and helping her mother in a multitude of different creative activities, whilst growing up in rural NSW. Roseanne was still living at home when her mother took the leap from working with fibres to full time fine arts. Roseanne feels it was a unique experience and a privilege to observe.

This has culminated in Roseanne producing powerfully rich artworks that have exceptional depth, her paintings have drawn many accolades. Roseanne is delighted at the look of wonder and entrancement people show as they look into her paintings, enjoying their visual exploration into each piece.

Take a journey through Roseanne’s enchanting spirit-scapes by visiting her website: www.NeshamahShines.com Roseanne’s Studio in Buddina can be opened by appointment.