The ‘Once a Post~Office’ is an evolving space with a gallery and jewellers studio at present.
The current exhibition showcases local ceramics from The Hinterland Region whilst pushing at the seams towards being a pop~up shop.
‘Jewellery, Small Objects and Curios’
is next exhibition on the verge of being committed to with the sunshine Coast Arts Trail in mind (and timing).


metal: silver, copper, aluminium.
clay:porcelain, BRT, raku firing experimental glazing.
wood & paint e.g sanding and waxing plinths.

Contact Name: Biddy Rook
Address: 28 Coochin St
Peachester, QLD 4519
Phone: 0456767414

More About Me

I am presently creating spoons that verge on being functional/dysfunctional.
Silver, copper, aluminium and the occasional small bronze are the metals I work with.
I love working with clay for the immediacy of expression whilst experimenting with glazes to transform a clunky pot into a gorgeously glazed clunky pot.

‘Nerikomi’ with delicate porcelain, I describe as the prima~donnas off clays, is also a wonderful and playful technique to work with.
Results can be both rewarding and devastating; when after many hours the last piece… suddenly becomes shards: Whilst at the same time being unique pieces in themselves…. Now I have an extended artistic license.